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Height: 5’6”
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 116 lbs.

“Chase the light, whatever and wherever it may be for you. Chase it.” -Tyler Knott Gregson

My name is Madeline Quint and I am from Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and now California. I don’t consider myself from one particular state, because each place I lived in shaped who I am as a person today. I grew up with a Mother, Father, two brothers, dogs, cats, and more. As a child, I grew up playing soccer, volleyball, spin and fly fished, ran cross country, hiked, walked dogs, and partook in my first theater production when living in Nebraska at the age of 10.

Growing up I always knew two things, I loved animals, specifically dogs, and I loved to create stories and make people laugh. At the age of 10, I was cast as the lead role in a church play, and I knew from then on that I couldn’t stop acting. High school came around, and I was still playing soccer, running cross country, acting, and working as a manager at a Doggy daycare. Although it was only my freshman year of high school, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t know where my journey would lead me, but I knew where I needed to go next. I sat my parents down, and told them…”after high school, I am moving to California, going to an arts conservatory for acting, and working with dogs.” Sounds crazy right? But I knew in my heart what I wanted and needed to do. And this did consist of two things: dogs and acting. At the time, I didn’t know how I would do both, but that was my dream and I was going for it.

Now, 2017, and my senior year at California Institute of the Arts, I am getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, minoring in Social Science, and have my own dog business that entails running/walking, and training. But these 4 years have not been all sunshine and rainbows. Not only was I moving to a place I had only ever visited once before, but I was leaving my entire family behind. Everything has been riding on the line.

In the midst of studying and acting at Calarts, I started to visit local shelters every Sunday to check on the animals. I would spend two hours or more there, going from one kennel to another, getting to know all of the dogs and their personalities. If it was an aggressive dog, I would sit as close to its cage as I could, and talk to him or her. Sometimes it would take a few Sundays for the dog to finally accept me, and other times it would only take a few hours. But no matter what, that “aggressive dog” would end up reaching its paw through the cage and placing it in the palm of my hand. After meeting each dog and getting to know them, I would walk through the shelters and get to know the visitors. My goal, was to get to know a person or family, their lifestyle, and what type of dog they envisioned having. I would then point them in the direction of the dog I thought would fit into their lives nicely.That led me to foster dogs and help them eventually find homes.

How does this correlate or work alongside with acting? I fell in love with the art of acting for two reasons: the first reason is the story. Each person in this life, has a story, a dream, a tragedy, and a love. To be able to transform into that character or person, and see the world through their eyes, and then get the chance to be their voice and represent them, is indescribable. The other reason I love the art of acting, is being able to give the viewers a chance to laugh, cry, or feel whatever emotion they might need. So again, how does all of this correlate with dogs? Whether a human being or an animal, we all have emotions and we all react. Working with dogs allows me to study behavior in a whole new light. What does my tone of voice, movement, and eye’s say, and how does that affect them?

Four years ago I moved to California to begin the next step of my life. I stood by a wall in Venice that states, “I believe California can save me” but it hasn’t saved me. It’s pushed me…pushed me to work harder, dream bigger than ever before, open my eyes to new possibilities, and become a warrior. California didn’t save me, it only made me stronger.





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